How to help your child to be self-sufficient?

Today, there are many ways for children to turn into responsible adults. Every parent has their own way of ensuring the child reaches their potential and they can be vastly different. However, when it comes to making sure your child is considered to be self-sufficient, there are some common things that a parent can do to ensure their teens are growing up early into people you can trust and depend on. Having said this, here are 3 tips that can help you in your efforts.

Tip #1 – Give them a chance to Fail without Freaking Out

It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” – Ellen DeGeneres

No one wants to see their child fail. This can be one of the most excruciating experiences ever, especially when you need to hold back and watch it happen. Even though this is uncomfortable, the gains that you and the teen will get during this time can be one of the biggest jumps in growing into maturity. This is because failures will give them their experience that they need to learn how it feels when it is on their shoulder.  You can also watch them be creative in learning how to recover. 

Tip #2 – Encourage Problem Solving

For every problem there is an answer. Empty your thoughts and allow the solutions to visit you.” Anonymous

As referenced above, the failures that they experience will give them a chance to see what it feels like to fall and then get up with grace. The grace that they experience is learning how to turn lemons into lemonade. Simply put, this kind of problem-solving can be very beneficial as they encounter other problems that they will face in their jobs and school too.

Tip #3 – Allow them to Miss Bus

“Missing a bus is like missing an opportunity. You need to learn to be self-disciplined and not miss it next time.” Ketan Hathi

The independence may not come if you continue to wake your teen up in the morning. In fact, give them an opportunity to miss the alarm clock and the bus. Once they figure out how much trouble it can cause them, they will take the lead and responsibility in getting to school on and before time too.

It always needs efforts on the part of parents, guardians and teachers to transform a child into independent and responsible youth.