Smiling through depression?

Mental illnesses don’t care how successful you are and being funny isn’t the same as being happy, for Robin William’s comedy was the wall he built to hide his darkness. The mask he wore to make everybody else’s day. When we see a car with a sticker that says baby on board or disabled passenger, naturally we’re more patient with the driver, we slow down and give them space to drive because we know that there’s a vulnerable person inside. Would we be so considerate if the sign wasn’t there? I can almost definitely say no.

The truth is, We don’t know what someone is going through because people don’t wear signs to illustrate their struggles. You don’t see signs attached to people saying, “Going through a divorce“, or “Lost a child”, or “Feeling depressed“, or “Diagnosed with cancer“. If we could visually see what those around us are going through we would definitely be kinder, so Why do we need the sign? Pain is relative, everyone is going through their own pain, and it’s a pain we know nothing about, a pain often masked by a smile to protect that vulnerable person inside. Whether we know what is going on or not We have to treat everyone as if they’re wearing a sign we can’t see. Mental health issues are invisible illnesses that don’t always look the same on the outside, you can have everything in the world but still be unhappy. It’s not because you’re hard to please or you’re just never satisfied.

It’s because pain, sadness and depression do not discriminate. Share your thoughts / advice below.

I will be happy to help to my best of knowledge as I am not counselling psychologist but yes I can guide you from my student counselling experience.

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