How to prepare any exam in very short time?

The video at the end of this article is only to boost up confidence of average students. It has been successful for all my students. Although, remember that there are no short cuts to success, so those who are planning to go beyond 85-90% prepare extensively and thoroughly.

So here it goes for my readers and viewers :

1. Prepare only 60% of syllabus but prepare it perfectly

When it comes to preparing in short time period it is practically not viable to cover 100% syllabus unless you have extraordinary memory power and composed conditions to conceive all the topics. Firstly, open the syllabus and select the topics that would secure you passing grades. Now in second phase select the topics that carry good weightage which would get you atleast first division. If you are targeting for higher grades then you need to have a study plan way before then this stage and cover 100% syllabus.

2.Write your own notes.

Research suggests that human brain remembers more what has been written by hand. Also, one-time writing is equivalent to two times reading. My school teachers always insisted in written practice which laid a very strong foundation for me to be good in each and every subject till today.

3.Prepare early in the morning or late after midnight.

As anything which is read or written in utter silence stays in the brain for longer time.

“Join the 5am club.Your most valuable hours are from 5am to 8am.They have the least interruptions.” Robin Sharma

Do you agree?

4.Make word Mnemonic to remember important points

You may ask, what is this Mnemonic? It is making your own short cut formula by just putting first letter of any word or paragraph and making it easier to learn. For e.g.: In English the Seven Coordinating conjunctions are For, And, But, Or, Yet,So = FANBOYS. Taking just first letters of these conjunctions. Is it not interesting and easy?

5.Draw a mind map

Draw a chart or map of the things you have read and try to recall it. Since mind mapping works like the brain does it allows you to organize and understand information faster and better.A good mind map can save you many hours of study.

6.Take some tests or quizzes-its effective way of learning.

You can sit with your peer and have peer-checking or ask him/her to take a test. Quizzes can show where your strengths and weaknesses are.

7.Keep appropriate breaks-it keeps your mind fresh

It is advisable to take 5 minutes of break after every 1 hour of study. No video game or television during exam time.

It will wash away your hard work of many hours. Listen to soothing music and have Power nap.

Rock your exam!

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How to prepare any exam in very short time?

Have you planned your educational journey?

We need to encourage innovative ideas that give parents better alternatives to prepare children for higher education and for the jobs of the future.

-Larry Hogan
Sky is the limit so climb up the right ladder

We all focus on studying as much as we can in order to potentially reach an astounding career as time goes by. But the reality is that we do need career planning early on. Because most of the time students finish school and they don’t really know what to do. They lack the guidance and preparation for that next step in their life. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to take your career plan early on.

Why is that a necessity?

Planning your educational journey is very important because it gives you a better perspective. It also shows you exactly what path to take as you try to prevent any potential problems that can and might appear at times. You can also figure out if you need any additional preparation and skills. Planning the educational journey and career counseling will make your life easier,and it will bring in front a much better approach towards life as a whole.

There are lots of educational websites where you can start your board preparations. And you can also hire an education advisor that will help you learn how to study abroad as well. It’s always important to prepare everything from the university admission to the process of studying at an university in another country.

Does this work?

When you plan the educational journey, you will not have a problem developing your own career path. Things are getting way easier to comprehend,and the benefit is that you can easily understand all the possible challenges and tasks that come with this approach.

This also helps prepare you for the future,and it gives a much better way of planning any potential problems that might appear in such a situation. It’s very important to know when and how to handle and tackle all the challenges that come in your way. You have to push the boundaries and adjust or adapt all of that in a meaningful way. Once you do that, the results will be extremely impressive all the time.

Planning your education saves time and money

When you plan your education early on, you have much better control over the entire process. The results are extraordinary, you get to be in control and the return on investment is second to none no matter what happens. Rest assured that planning the educational journey can do wonders for your confidence. It will also develop a clear career path.

That’s why you need a good education advisor, as the entire process will be better, faster and easier. You will learn how to study abroad, choose the right Dubai university early on and bring in the best approach towards making your up and coming career a reality.

Education planning is a great step towards the future,and it can be performed as quickly as possible. It will be well worth your time if you just give it a shot and the results can be extraordinary all the time. We encourage you to work with a good education advisor and plan your educational journey as soon as possible to reap the potential benefits!