Are you into workable education?

We all need to shift from VE to WE. You might wonder what these acronym stand for!

VE stands for Vulnerable Education while full form of WE is Workable Education.Now, you would ask that how could education be vulnerable! I know education cannot be harmed or attacked but if you get educated because people suggested or some one advised you to march in particular field then you will have no clue at the later stage.You might be in no men’s land.

Real education is learning and knowing the things that you are passionate about. It always helps you grow and makes your work to work for you as a hobby. It not only fetches you the cash flow ( which is of course very important) but feed you with passion. The education which enhances your skill and keeps you aligned with the latest trend is the real education. Real education can be from written material or can be from practical experience.

“You can do anything as long as you have theĀ passion, the drive, the focus, and the support. “

When your work becomes your passion and vice versa, you earn appreciation and admiration which ultimately brings you self-satisfaction.

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